Would you like your church to Thrive in the pandemic?

If you want your church to see new growth in the pandemic then LEAN IN as I'm going to share how our church was closed for over 6 months and actually has been THRIVING and UNIFIED! In a time of great uncertainty and division... In many areas we are the healthiest in our history (Including Financially!) 

This crisis has been challenging for all of us and I know you may feel exhausted (I have at several moments), but in every CRISIS there is OPPORTUNITY! 

HERE IS AN OPPORTUNITY: This new video course and ebook can give you creative and practical steps to show you how your church can thrive.


I'm Tommy Kyllonen, the lead pastor of Crossover Church in Tampa, Florida. When the pandemic hit we were nervous about keeping our people connected. We were worried about our finances. We were wondering how we could respond to all the needs. We quickly pivoted in many areas and our team innovated.

We didn't have in person services for over 6 months! But our engagement has been strong, we're reaching new people, serving our community more than ever before and we've set several new records with our giving... while our expenses have been way down! We've been blown away. This course shares our wins and loses and the incredible things we've been learning. 

Here's a taste of what you'll DISCOVER in the Course: 

  • 10 Powerful Proven techniques to create engaging online services (With Visual Examples).
  • Social Media suggested schedule from one of the top church consultants in the world.
  • Creative Touch Points to keep your people connected.
  • How to cast vision and RAISE more finances.
  • Ways to shepherd your top givers to keep their generosity active in the pandemic.
  • How to leverage partnerships to touch thousands of hurting new people in your community.
  • How Digital Discipleship is possible and is a big part of the future church.
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7 Practical Video Sessions

Professionally shot with multiple camera angles and engaging visuals showing real ministry examples during the pandemic.

The Thrive Ebook

5 easy to read chapters that share how to grow online services, increase outreach, stabilize your finances, make disciples & more!

Amazing Bonus Content

Includes 4 message series preached during the pandemic. Plus an audio/Video Guide to help your online services improve.

Bonus #1: Surviving The Spike Series

Our nation has gone through a series of Negative Spikes: a spike in Covid cases, a spike in unemployment, a spike in racism, a spike in division. This series walks us through the book of Habakkuk and gives us hope to push through the pandemic and come out stronger. 

Bonus #2:

Why Series

People have been hit hard from the pandemic. Many are struggling with loss, anxiety, depression, addiction and more. They have questions. This series focuses on some difficult questions and gives Biblical answers & provides hope.


Bonus #3:

Message Series on The Book of James

Everyone is counting: The infection rate, the death tool, the unemployment numbers. People are counting their Finances, their Feelings and their Freedoms... but we quickly find not everything we are counting really COUNTS as we walk through James. 

Bonus #4

Algorithm Message

Algorithms drive most of our current experience on Netflix, Amazon, Spotify, Kindle, Audible, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and much more. It feeds us more of what it thinks we like. But it can drive us deeper into biases and box us in. This message will make you think how technology is effecting us and how we all need to work on our biases. 

Bonus #5: Audio/Video Guide

This shares the equipment our church uses and a basic set up that can get your church's audio/video looking and sounding good for an affordable price. 

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30 Day Guarantee

Because my heart is to help other pastors win I offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. I'm super confident this will help you and your church. If you believe it's not worth your time or money just send me an email and we'll refund your money with no questions asked. 

Learn Innovative tools that will help your church begin to thrive in the pandemic.

- 7 Practical Video Sessions

- Thrive Ebook

- 4 Bonus Message Series preached during the pandemic

- Audio Video Guide

              TOTAL VALUE - $199

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