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Hey! I'm Tommy. A Pastor, Author and Artist that loves to help other leaders win.

Being a leader this past year has been challenging. We've all felt overwhelmed at times. But, God has called you to lead during this crisis! You can do this! 

I'm super excited to share some resources that God has given our church that has helped us grow in the middle of a pandemic.


Courses and Books

Fund Your Vision

Could your church use some extra money to help further the vision? This course will give you a proven process of how to better cast vision, host a Vision Sunday and set up a Big Giving Sunday that will raise 5x - 7x (or more) the size of your normal offering. 

Fund Your Vision HERE!

How Your Church Can THRIVE During The Pandemic

This Video Course and Ebook will give you innovative ideas and practical steps to weather this storm. It includes how to create engaging online services, leverage social media, expand your community outreach and how to grow your finances even in an economic downturn. 


Race, Justice & The Church Course (NEW FREE COURSE!)

These are the most divided times most of us have ever experienced. How do we speak about issues of Race & Justice in and through our church? This course gives some proven ways to help you navigate the tension and lead with Biblical truth and reconciliation. 

Get the New Course for FREE!

Pandemic ReBuild Package

This is the perfect series for a time like this! It walks you through the book of Nehemiah and gives you tools to help people Rebuild. It includes a physical book and CD and a powerful message series, small group video curriculum and several promotional pieces with videos, graphics and more. 


Love Our City Campaign

Love Our City is a groundbreaking church-wide campaign that includes a message series and small group video curriculum that all ties in with the 30 day devotional book. It culminates with a week (or day) of community service projects that leads up to the big Love Our City party that Sunday. Tommy's church has seen hundreds of new salvations and baptisms as a result. Over 250 churches have participated in this growing movement. Because of Covid 19 we are now giving the $79 Leader's Box Kit away for FREE to any church that participates!


Next Book

Next Steps On Your Spiritual journey is an incredible tool for new believers. Tommy wrote this for his church as they couldn't find anything relevant to give new believers to read about next steps after salvation. It has easy to read next steps, The I've Got Issues section, FAQ's, and the first 7 chapters of the Gospel of John. It's also available in special bulk prices for churches.


Innovative Pastors Network

 The Innovative Pastors Network is a membership for church leaders that want to keep growing. Every month there is a live zoom call with Pastor Tommy and an expert presenting some new innovation to help your church level up. You'll get access to the private Facebook Group and each month you'll get new resources added to your membership portal or mailed directly to your home. 


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