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Equip your church to reach thousands of new people in your community.

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Benefit 1

Love Our City will help your church reach Thousands of new people in your community. 

Benefit 2

Love Our City will help engage your members to get back involved in serving post-pandemic.

Benefit 3

Love Our City will help your church reach more millennials as their age group loves activism.


- Love Our City Masterclass - shares the details of how your church can use the book and implement Love Our City to change your community.

- FREE Lecrae CD included in your package!

"The Love Our City book is a great tool to help move your church from good intentions to tangible actions. The sermon series and devotional book work hand-in-hand to inspire and motivate churched Christians to get up out of their pews and go into the world to make a difference in the lives of their neighbors. We had a great experience with doing the Love Our City campaign and seeing our church become the hands and feet of Christ to our city!"
Doug Jolly
South Brookley United Methodist Church
Mobile, AL

"It was priceless to see the expressions on people's faces as they saw a church serving them. This year will be our 3rd year to implement Love Our City and we're so excited to see what God is doing to do through through the seeds planted!" 

Troy Evans

The Edge Church

Grand Rapids, MI


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People in your community need the Love of Christ and are now more open to it than ever!

Our church recently did Love Our City and it was a WIN! It got our people back involved in serving (as many hadn't served since before the pandemic). It helped us reach so many new people that needed the touch of God. Love Our City helped relaunch our church in several ways as we come out of the pandemic. NOW is the perfect time to launch Love Our City in your church and your community. Check out the highlight video:


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