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We know the past few years has been a challenging time for Pastors to lead. The pandemic has caused most churches to see some decline. How do we turn it around and reach new people & see more changed lives? Pastor Tommy shares lots of real time innovation their church has been applying the past two years that has resulted in them now seeing more people attending in person than pre-pandemic! How did this happen? These courses share details how they did that. This is a unique opportunity to personally learn from Tommy and his friends to help your leadership innovate to the next level. He has been a keynote speaker at the Purpose Driven Conference, The Multi-Ethnic Church Conference, Flavor Fest, Exponential, and more. His forward thinking and experience with outreach, entrepreneurship, diversity, and artistry give him an edge that keeps his church on the pulse of culture. 
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The Innovative Pastors Courses On Demand Includes:


- INNOVATION BOX (With $100 of content)

- 24 Video ($875 value)

- One FREE registration to the 2023 Flavor Fest Leadership Conference  ($149 value itself!)


Learn how your church can create new streams of income

This session shares several innovative ways of creating additional streams of income that have exceeded six figures at Crossover Church in Tampa.

Learn How you can create new streams of income as a pastor 

This session features Pastor Tommy & Pastor Myron Pierce who have entrepreneurial endeavors that provide for their families & bless their churches.

Learn how to leverage Social Media to Engage your church & your community

Several sessions share the latest and most effective ways to use Instagram, Facebook and Tik Tok to keep your church active and to draw in new people.

Love Our City

Get innovative ideas for outreach that are working right now!

 New Guest Follow Up

High Tech/High Touch Follow up that has more than 50% returning!

Raising Up New Givers

Systems that caused giving to rise over 30% in the past 2 years!

Innovative Pastors Network


24 Video Sessions on demand with tons of incredible ideas that are working right now. If you need some fresh inspiration and new systems to help your church move forward in this next season

- This content is for you!

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